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Wish #1164

Born with an extremely rare and highly complex condition, Acromelic Frontonasal Dysotosis, this 3-year-old girl is the personification of spunk and determination.  Because of her
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Wish #1161

Now 7-years-old, this fun-loving little boy was born with Chiari Malformation Type 1 and has undergone multiple surgeries. Resultant from his diagnosis, he has absent
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Wish #1160

Diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome as an infant, this young boy is now 13-years-old.  While he is able to walk unassisted, his gait is
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Wish #1159

This 9-year-old boy has lived with chronic lung disease since birth, resultant of being an extreme preemie.  He’s G-tube fed as he suffers from a
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Wish #1157

Now 13-years-old, this young boy was diagnosed with grand mal seizures three years ago.  He’s on multiple medications and follows a strict KETO diet which
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Wish #1149

At 10 years-old, this young girl has much to teach us about patience and being bold.  She’s fearless and loves to travel, loving anything to
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