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Wish #1141

At 9-years-old, this little boy spends a great deal of time in hospital because of pneumonia caused by his recurrent aspiration syndrome.  Even so, he
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Wish #1138

Thoughtful and sweet like only a five-year-old boy can be, this little guy has two favourite things; the Minions and listening to classic rock with
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Wish #1132

At 9 years-old, this young boy loves everything action based, including sit skiing, watching his uncle play hockey, and attending Boys Club at church.  Born
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Wish #1125

Recently turned 18, this young man is far younger than his age would suggest.  He was born with the most severe form of Cerebral Palsy
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At 6-years-old, this little girl has already been through more than most adults.  Born with Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, and a Seizure Disorder, she is globally
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Wish #1101

This 5 year old girl is a true delight who loves My Little Pony and the Disney princesses!  She’s a bright, and bubbly little girl
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