Dear Rainbow Society Supporter,

As we continue to shelter in place, we welcome the warmer weather April is (finally) bringing us. We hope you are healthy and safe and, like you, we hope this pandemic comes to a swift end so that we can resume our “normal” lives.

While Niki, Roxanne, and I keep up our isolation, we want you to know that although so many things have changed around us, one thing remains constant; our mission of granting wishes for Alberta children.  Our Society has been operating since 1986 – and we certainly have no plans to stop now.

If anything, this crisis has given us an even greater appreciation and understanding of the magic of a wish, and of the “routines” many of our wish families experience every day. Isolation, social distancing, infection protocols, essential trips, frequent hand washing, self-quarantine…are all part of daily life for a family whose child has a compromised immune system. If they can do this, surely, we can too.

With the health crisis, we have put a temporary hold on our wish granting program.  Once we’re able to resume regular operations, we’ll have more than 30 dreams waiting to be fulfilled.  New referrals continue to come in, and those families are being advised we’ll proceed as soon as possible.

Our in-person fundraising events are also on hold until such time as our world returns to normal.  In the meantime, we’re working on events that can be run on a virtual platform, keeping everyone safe while raising much-needed funds.  As you know, we are not government funded; every dollar raised comes from the generosity of individual people and companies.  Once this crisis is over, we know we’ll need to work harder than ever to ensure we never have to say no to a child due to lack of funding.

Currently, our 2020 Swing Fore Dreams Golf Classic in Edmonton is still scheduled for July 10 at The Links in Spruce Grove and we are hopeful it won’t need to be postponed.  We hope you’ll join us there.

Remember, when you choose hope, anything is possible.

Sharing hope with you today, tomorrow, and always.


Craig Hawkins
Executive Director

Posted by:

Roxanne Hawkins