About The Rainbow Society of Alberta

Having a wish granted can bring a welcome respite from the grind of hospital stays, doctor’s visits, medicines, tests, treatments, worries, and fears. It’s a break from the daily hardship of being ill – a break for the entire family.

For a child who’s sick, having a wish come true can be the catalyst to help them feel better emotionally and physically, giving them increased strength and courage to battle their illness and the daily challenges it brings.

What makes us unique

The Rainbow Society of Alberta is the only wish-granting organization dedicated solely to Alberta children with a severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.

We define chronic as a medical condition that severely impacts the child’s activities of daily living. The impact and restrictions that may result from a variety of factors including, but not limited to, recurrent hospital stays, use of oxygen and/or ventilator machines, high doses of medications, or the need for a considerable degree of medical intervention.

The inclusion of chronic illness in our mandate sets us apart from similar organizations in Canada. The Rainbow Society is an essential resource for chronically ill children who do not qualify for a wish under other programs.

The Rainbow Society has a valued network of volunteers throughout the Province.

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