Breanna was born missing the Vagal Motor Nucleus in her brain, which is responsible for her cardiac and digestive systems.  Her condition is called Intestinal Dysonotility and Gastroparesis.  Her lungs are compromised and she has to receive her meals through a tube to avoid choking.  She lacks the ability to regulate her heartbeat and her blood pressure.  Her heart races with any exertion so she becomes extremely tired very easily, and she also has anxiety issues and Tourette’s.  Her favourite things include going to the farm and quadding and/or sledding, and country singer Luke Bryan.  She also loves Winnie the Pooh, One Direction (the band), and she goes swimming as often as she can and takes long baths each night as a sensory soothing method, which made her wish trip for a dolphin swim experience in San Diego the perfect choice!  Breanna had a wonderful time on her wish trip!

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta