Caitlyn loves making crafts and all forms of water play, and greatly enjoys her weekly therapeutic riding lessons.  She was born with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy.  Caitlyn has difficulty speaking, and normally uses a picture book to help her communicate.  She had no need of that while in Disneyland as she was able to clearly express her excitement at meeting her favourite princesses and characters.  Her mom shared these thoughts upon their return “Caitlyn had a wonderful time in Disneyland as well as the rest of us!!  Thank you so much!  Her favorite character was Donald Duck.  She loves quacking like him and smiling.  Also all the princesses.  Elsa and Anna are her favorite princesses, and she was so excited to meet everyone!  It was amazing to see her reaction to all the characters and princesses.  It was like she was in awe, and “star struck” per say.  This is a trip she as well as all of us will never forget.” 

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta