Courtland. He’s just one of those kids you need to meet for yourself. He lights up a room just by walking into it, and then he gets started talking, and you’re swept away! Diagnosed with Bilateral Dsykinetic Cerebral Palsy, Level III, he has an ataxic gait, (un-steady, wide-based steps) and uses a wheelchair for distances. He struggles to keep his arms steady and down below his head, so he has a hard time completing simple tasks such as getting dressed with buttons or snaps. He loves to share his love of Formula One racing with others (it’s pretty much all we talk about when he comes to visit). So, you can imagine, going on his wish trip to the Montreal Grand Prix was a dream come true for him! No big deal, he was just a special guest at the gala (and they only him offered his own cheeseburger or hot dog instead of the grown up food), and got to go down on the track and to meet some of his favourite drivers (one’s pictured here!).   His mom told us that he was able to make quotation signs when he was there, which may not seem like a big deal to you or me, but to a kid with Courtland’s challenges? That’s a pretty big deal, and we hope that having his wish come true helped him relax and enjoy himself enough to make it happen.  Thank you for granting his wish!

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta