NBD – it’s just Emefa-Grace greeting the big guy himself! Oh, and you know, hanging out with Mary Poppins and The Cat in the Hat! She and her wonderful family enjoyed so many fun things on her wish trip to Disney World! We’re happy to share that she was “treated so special” on her birthday, and she got to visit the Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, and so much more. Emefa-Grace has Short Gut Syndrome and a malabsorption disorder caused when part of the small intestine is missing or has been surgically removed. She uses a G-Tube, and has had multiple surgeries and hospital stays during her life. More importantly, she’s a wonderfully happy little girl who loves making, and listening to, music (her Dad plays drums and she likes to play with him), playing with electronics, Disney Junior and Mickey Mouse, playing at the park, crafts, colouring and playing LEGO. Thank you for making Emefa-Grace’s wish come true! It’s not easy, because her smile is already so lovely, but you made it even bigger and brighter.

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta