At only 12 year’s old, Gavin has been through years of medical procedures and testing.  Last year he was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, caused by an antiGAD65 antibody.  His disease is degenerative, and treatments are very difficult.  His happy space is in the bathtub where he enjoys “snorkeling”.  You can imagine his excitement upon learning that he was going to Mexico to snorkel in the ocean!  His mother shared the following: “We are back from an amazing trip to Mexico!!  I have no words for how beautiful it was.  The whole trip from start to finish was so amazing, it’s hard to adjust back to real life after a week like that!!  We can’t thank you all enough for this gift.  We were able to see a joy on Gavin’s face that has been gone for so long.”  And that, friends, is the whole reason we do what we do.  Thank you for helping Gavin realize his dream!

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta