Jackson was diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome and chronic ITP when he was just an infant.  He’s learned to cope really well with these disorders and the limitations they cause him and is one of the happiest boys we’ve ever met.  Gregarious and fun-loving by nature, his best friend is his younger sister, and the bond between them is strong.  Jackon has always loved watching YouTube videos of rides at the Disney World theme parks and wished he could ride them in person.  He also loves to stay in hotels and asks his parents on a weekly basis when he might get that opportunity again.  Imagine how excited he was when he learned his wish for a trip to Disney World meant not only would he get to go on all the rides, but he was also going to get to stay in a hotel for a whole week!  Jackson and his family recently returned from their amazing week in Florida where he was able to experience the thrill and excitement of visiting both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.  Mom shared this with us on their return “…I wanted to reach out and thank you and the Society for Jackson’s amazing wish trip to Disney World. We had a phenomenal and memorable family experience that none of us will ever forget. It was a very busy week; we certainly got our steps in! Truly not something our family would have been able to do otherwise… Our sincerest appreciation.”

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta