When you’re 7 years old and love Star Wars, is there any better place to go but Disney World?  We didn’t think so either, and Josiah was thrilled the day he learned his wish was coming true.  Josiah was born with complex cardiac issues and isn’t always able to play as hard as other children his age.  He likes cars and LEGO, his Nintendo DS, trains, watching NASCAR, and swimming and is anxious to learn to play drums.  He’s in grade one this year and we have it on good authority his favourite part is recess!  Josiah and his family recently returned from Disney World and his mom shared this with us “Thank-you so much to you and Rainbow Society and sponsors for making the arrangements for Josiah and us to go to Disney World.  We had an absolutely wonderful time and GKTW village was just as fantastic as all the theme parks!…”

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta