Rylie is 7 years old and loves to cuddle her many stuffed animals.  It’s not an easy task to be mommy to all those “babies”, but she does a great job! She suffered a stroke while in utero, and as a result, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She often has prolonged seizures overnight (up to 6 hours long), which result in short term memory loss and developmental delays.

Of Rylie’s wish trip, her mom wrote: “I just remember seeing Rylie run around and smile bigger than she ever smiled before. I didn’t know what to expect from Rylie this trip. As she is non verbal, I can never truly know what she is thinking. Her face said it all. I really think she has been happier than I can ever remember seeing her. This place is truly magical. It did sadden me to think of what it meant. All of these wish families have suffered some sort of hardship in their lives and unfortunately have even lost loved ones. A friend said to me that it is nice that Rylie had been granted this wish and that it wasn’t to go on vacation “one last time” but instead to celebrate Rylie and all that we have because she is in our lives.

The people that work here are amazing. They have truly thought of EVERYTHING that would make this trip convenient and not stressful for families. Their energy provides you with energy even when your exhaustion tries to force you down.

I just feel so many people went above and beyond for us. We really did get the royal treatment, I almost felt guilty at times, thinking what did we do to deserve this? I had to remember all that Rylie has been through and it helped me realize she needed this…As I said, I do not ever recall seeing her so happy. That made my heart want to explode.”

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The Rainbow Society of Alberta